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Reverie Studios’s larp ‘A CoG in the Machine’ 2nd run in October at High Level Games Conference

A larp about what happens when disaster strikes and people take over as the government, A CoG in the Machine is a larp that Reverie Studios is running again at High Level Games Conference for a larger group and calibrated based on responses to our first run (May 2018 at Living Games Conference). Standing for ‘Continuity of Governance’, this larp assumes the participants are those that inherit responsibility and must make difficult decisions about what to do when there is no other authority. Check out A CoG in the Machine as Reverie Studio’s ‘Marquee’ larp event at HLG Con, and also check out Pandaemonium, a collaborative six-studio larp being run for the first time at HLG Con that Reverie is helping to write!


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About Reverie Studios

Our Vision

Reverie is a participatory experience design agency that produces educational and fun co-creative immersive events, generally known as ‘larping’ or ‘live action roleplaying events’. Participants take on a persona and engage with the story directly and form strong ties to the events going on, rather than watching the drama passively from their seats.

Our Story

Tyler, Ken and Garett have known each other for years, but recently decided that rather than participating in their passions through the experience produced by others, that they would seek to create experiences on their own. After Grand Masquerade in New Orleans 2016, they resolved to forge a new group with a new purpose in their hometown of Boston.