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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Reverie Studies supports, welcomes, and advocates for LGBTQIA+ rights, representation of BIPOC people and their voices, and strives to be allies for marginalized people. Reverie Studios denounces white supremacy and those who support it and we are in full support of love and diversity for all people. We stand side-by-side with People of Color and representation, as well as women’s rights and autonomy, and LGBTQIA+ inclusion. Reverie Studios, as a company with a LGBTQIA+ founder, understands our role in society and was founded under these principles.

Our roots are steeped in collaboration and artistic design, which requires that people feel safe. Our events are grounded in the humanistic need to share, express and tell stories. Through these experiences we hope to strengthen compassion and inclusion. Our Code of Conduct reflects our values of inclusion and the creation of welcoming spaces, and we do not encourage groups or individuals who would violate it to attend or be a part of our community.

In addition, we offer scholarships to our events when possible, and run free monthly events. These scholarships are intended for people who are otherwise unable to afford our event due to economic hardship, or are offered to people who are underrepresented within the community. Reverie Studios has reached out to other collaborators who are underrepresented in larp, and seek to provide support in the form of its “Reverie Presents” franchise, freely offered/sponsored in Boston.

We include minorities and BIPoC in our design process. All our large experiences have welcomed women, LGBTQIA+, and BIPoC collaborators to the process. We strive to make sure more voices over just those of our founders are reflected as part of our process.