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Reverie Presents is a free-form, collaborative group hosted by Reverie Studios. Reverie Presents will host, run and promote one off-larp evenings in Boston. Reverie Presents is a showcase for parlor or smaller scale larps, promoting the art form for those familiar as well as new to it.

Reverie Presents was started as a way to expose people to larping as an art form and to promote designers. It is an opportunity to attend with low stakes as it is free with minimal pre-time investment. It runs semi-frequently based on availability of the site and those looking to run events.

More information is available on Facebook.

Past Runs

Reverie Presents: December 2019

December 7, 2019

White Death and others!

Reverie Presents: October 2019

October 26, 2019

Reverie Presents: Miranda Dawn Chadbourne’s Signs, Benji Michalek and Hanging Lantern’s Nightingales, and Hanging Lantern’s Kindling.