Reverie Studios

Our Vision

Reverie is a participatory experience design agency based in Boston, MA that produces educational and fun co-creative immersive events, generally known as ‘larping’ or ‘live action roleplaying events’. Participants take on a persona and engage with the story directly and form strong ties to the events going on, rather than watching passively.

Our Story

Tyler, Ken and Garett have known each other for years, but recently decided that rather than participating in their passions through the experience produced by others, that they would seek to create experiences on their own. After Grand Masquerade in New Orleans 2016, they resolved to forge a new group with a new purpose in their hometown of Boston.

Meet the Team

Garett Kopczynski


Garett is a writer and participatory experience designer, deeply invested in the concepts of collaborative and immersive techniques. He has written a number of different kinds of games and larps, including: ‘Age of Iron’, an experimental fantasy production that implemented myth creation with a decentralized structure to allow participants to explore stories that were interesting to them, rather than any pre-written experience.

By profession, Garett is an administrative manager and has an MBA in ‘Sustainable Organization and Development’, with a focus on employee-ownership and fair business practice. His professional career has given him opportunities to work with health research, renewable energy, and community projects.

Garett hopes to provide experiences for others that allow them to engage with stories in a very personal way, allowing an opportunity for event participants to change their perspectives on life.

Ken Pickering


Ken is an avid gamer, be it board, roleplaying, card, video or Live Action/LARP. He has assisted running several larp campaigns in the Boston area, including the successful conspiracy/horror game Occam’s Razor.

By day, Ken is an engineer by training and the Director of Engineering for Rue La La, where he’s responsible for web/mobile engineering for their large e-commerce platform. He is adept at running complex projects with a myriad of moving parts, and is an inspiring leader to those that work with him.

His ambition is to write stories that people love to immerse themselves in, and explore topics they would not otherwise encounter in their everyday lives.

Tyler Brown


Tyler is an artist and participatory experience designer, focused on creating a tactile and visceral experience for players in all forms of immersive environments. He has worked extensively in theater and film arts and brings a breath of experience to transformational media. He has been a larper for over twenty years and has breadth both creating, running and designing games.

Professionally, Tyler spends most of his time designing props and building sets for stage production and films and has found both of his jobs tend to cross-pollinate skill sets. Creating brand new experiences and opening up larping to those who have never experienced it’s joys is something he deeply cares about.


At Reverie Studios we believe in cooperative production and collaboration, and as such we have worked with a number of individuals and organizations to create art. Often, these artists are those who want to see this kind of theater thrive and have given us their services free or at reduced rates. We would like to promote them and to showcase their work, and if you are interested in them to visit their pages.

Sam Guay

Sam Guay is an illustrator who provided our logo and has worked with us to provide high quality artwork. Visit her official portfolio website—Sam Guay Illustration—to learn more about this amazing artist and friend of Reverie Studios.