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Since 2016 Reverie Studios has designed high quality, immersive co-creative immersive events generally known as ‘larp’ or ‘live action roleplaying’. In a larp, participants take on a persona and engage with the story directly and form strong ties to the events going on, rather than watching passively. Reverie Studios believes that the stories that are generated within the larp by the participants are more important than the story that Reverie would tell. Participants and organizers collaborate to develop character and scene sketches, and then Reverie assists the participants to express themselves during the event. Reverie aims to provide all of the tools we can to assist participants in having a meaningful and impactful story experience.

Meet the Team

The designers and writers behind Reverie Studios.

Garett Kopczynski


Garett is a writer and participatory experience designer, deeply invested in the concepts of collaborative and immersive techniques. Garett has designed and written for all of the Reverie projects. His focus is on expanding the art form of larp in the United States and contributing to its growth.

By profession, Garett is an administrative manager and has an MBA in ‘Sustainable Organization and Development’, with a focus on employee-ownership and fair business practice. His professional career has given him opportunities to work with health research, renewable energy, and community projects.

Garett hopes to provide experiences for others that allow them to engage with stories in a very personal way, allowing an opportunity for event participants to change their perspectives on life.

Ken Pickering


Ken is an avid gamer, be it board, roleplaying, card, video, or Live Action/larp. He got his start working in boffer experiences, initially with Lione (which he helped transition to a non-profit), and then eventually helping produce Occam’s Razor with Darksteel Games. However, Ken most enjoys writing collaborative experiences or participating in more freeform larps.

By day, Ken is an engineer by training and the VP of Engineering at Starburst Data, where he’s responsible for a large engineering group spanning the world. He is adept at running complex projects with a myriad of moving parts, and shines in operationally complex situations.

His ambition is to write stories that people love to immerse themselves in, and explore topics they would not otherwise encounter in their everyday lives.

Taylor Hansen

Production & Safety Expert

Taylor is an event planner, technical director, stage manager and production manager in and around the Boston area- working on theater, events, dance, opera and other less qualifiable events.

In 2017, Taylor launched TH.ESP Event Safety Planning, a production consulting business which focuses on safety planning for small theater and independent live events.

He is a member of USITT and the Event Safety Alliance, a trained COVID Compliance Officer, and a proud new father. In his spare time he works as a Disaster and Sheltering volunteer for the Red Cross.

Taylor has been a board and role-playing gamer almost as long as he’s been involved in theater–and is excited to work with Reverie in bringing intense and personal experiences to life.

Christopher Eaton


Chris has been roleplaying and telling stories for over 30 years at the local and national level, spanning various organizations and troupe games. Originally cutting his teeth in the tabletop realm like so many others, he still enjoys rules-heavy board games to this day, which by his admission, “Aren’t fun to play.” In recent years, he’s transitioned primarily to partaking and designing larps, most prominently those of the Nordic variety, where mechanics are not essential, and the participants are in the driver’s seat of the narrative.

In his professional life, Chris is an entrepreneur and tech industry consultant, focusing on legal and governmental environments. In his spare time, when not running his long-standing Grey Haven Chronicle, he enjoys cooking as well as making music. Chris takes great pride in his ability to provide Reverie Studios his own brand of organization and urgency, as well as an exceptional clarity of purpose.

As a well traveled United States Marine Corps combat veteran, and former Department of Defense paramilitary contractor, he enjoys weaving in gallows humor with high intensity events that reflect his own experiences. Project which he enjoys the most mirrors his own penchant for gritty horror and grueling decision making.